Соглашение о сотрудничестве с ITC


In the Cold War era, the «ITC» was a closed military facility and was not officially marked on maps.
In 2007, for the first time in 27 years since the construction of the Olympic Shooting Range in Mytishchi (Moscow), at the «ITC» were built half-open (half-closed) 100-m shooting galleries for the use of rifled weapons in caliber up to 7.62×54 (right now — up to 6000 Joule). Shooting galleries were certified by the Commission of the Institute of Special Equipment and Communications of the MVD of Russia (STIS, Moscow).

The training center, located in the center of the populated part of the country, has conducted over 350 training seminars throughout the country over the past 7 years. «ITC» instructors are training all kind of gun enthusiasts and instructors of law enforcement agencies and instructors of special purpose units of various law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

A large number of military and sports events were held on the basis of the «ITC»: from the Russian Championship in Practical Gun Shooting in 2008, to the country championships and qualifying tournaments of the law enforcement agencies of the Urals Federal District.
Every year, several sniper competitions are held, including night firing.

The instructor of the «ITC», having been the regular demonstrators of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant since 2009, has repeatedly appeared at the International and Russian arms exhibitions in the most diverse cities of Russia — Moscow, Nizhny Tagil, Izhevsk, Rostov-on-Don and etc. They demonstrated shooting from various types of Russian small arms on the basis of their own developed methods of high-speed shooting.

We will provide training for your personnel to effectively engage in:

Combat action
Security measures
Convoy action
Onshore and offshore missions
Counter-guerilla warfare tactics
Mine clearance
Small group movement tactics for red-zone environments
Bodyguard services
Concealed protection intelligence gathering in the interests of business entities operating in red-zone environments
Location security and defense
Protection of seaports and airports
Survival skills for special conditions: Cold weather, the desert, the tropics and shipwrecks
Sniper training
Weapons training

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